Single Burner Camp Stove

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This Single Burner Camp Stove comes in its own case to store safely when not in use. Perfect for camping trips, Fishing, Beach huts, power cuts etc. Simply take out of the case, pop your gas cartridge in the side (as per instructions), lock the gas in place and using piezo ignition light your stove. You can then control the temperature for boiling or simmering. When finished turn off and unlock gas. once cooled you can store back in its case.


  • Piezo auto-start ignition system.
  • Serrated pan supports for non-slip use.
  • For use with pans up to 18cm in diameter
  • Cartridge safety locking system
  • Fueled by a “click in” gas cartridge.
  • G2220 Bayonet gas cartridge (Sold separately)
  • 2300 watts.
  • Weight 1800g
  • Continuous burn time of 1 hour 30 mins per 220g cartridge.
  • Will boil 1L of water in 3 mins 45 seconds.
  • Supplied with carry case.


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