Well it’s that time of the year again. The camping season will soon be upon us.

Time to dust off your camping gear, and get ready for your next big adventure. Remember to check your tent and sleeping bags to make sure they have not been damaged over the winter by any unwanted guests, this will also allow you to give them a good airing in case they are a little bit musty, and an opportunity to check the proofing of your tent, before your next big trip.

Tents and awnings can easily be cleaned and re-proofed if needed using Fenwicks cleaner and Grangers fabsil re-proofer.  Don’t forget to check the poles for any breakages this will give you plenty of time to replace any if needed, and make sure that you have enough pegs for your next trip as these will need replacing from time to time.

Whilst checking your equipment make sure you have enough gas for your next trip and that the rest of your equipment is still serviceable for the coming year.

Once everything has been checked and any issues addressed you will be ready for your next trip.

Have fun out there. Happy camping!!!