Vango Folding Gas Stove


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This Vango Folding Gas Stove is ideal for longer expeditions and larger pots. With a wider flame, the stove ensures your food can be cooked quickly and more evenly, ensuring a delicious, warm meal after a long day’s trek. Also featuring a flexible fireproof gas pipe for added safety and capable of boiling 1Litre of water in around 5 minutes. Perfect for trekking or campsites.


  • 2600W
  • Boils 1L in 5 minutes
  • Ideal for larger pots
  • Foldable to compact size
  • Comes with storage box
  • Weight 220g (226g packed)
  • Open: – Height 7cm x Width 17.4cm
  • Folded: – Height 6cm x Width 9cm
  • Recommended Duke of Edinburgh Kit
  • Runs off Screw on Butane/Propane mix gas canisters
  • Approx Burn Time 110g – 35 mins / 230g – 75 mins / 450g – 145 mins


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