High UV Buff


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This high UV buff offers great protection against 95% of Ultraviolet rays. UV is present in sunlight , sun burn is a sign that your skin has received too much UV. Overexposure to UV over many years can cause serious health problems. Garments that are sensibly designed for sun protection like this one reduce your UV exposure. Protection can be lessened if fabric is stretched, wet or old. This high UV buff also has built in insect shield protecting you from ticks, ants, flies, and midges and lasts through 70 washes. As with the original buffs the UV ones can also be twisted into a hat, balaclava, worn as a neck gaiter, as well as, the many other ways there are in which to wear your buff. The different shades of blue and green make this buff look like a piece of artwork on your neck/head.


  • 95% UV Protection
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Quick drying
  • Multifunctional


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