Campingaz Twister Plus Stove


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The Campingaz twister plus stove is a compact single burner ideal for easy transportation and storing during outdoor pursuits. The Twister Plus fits CV Valve Cartridges which can be quickly and easily connected and detached even when they are not empty, it also has a heat screen to protect the on/off power knob, and anti-slip pan supports to increase stability.


  • Power: 2900 Watt
  • Boil Time: 3min 45sec for 1ltr of water
  • Heat screen to protect the power knob
  • Easy Clic Plus connection enables you to connect and disconnect the cartridge in seconds
  • Anti-slip pan supports

Run Time

  • 1h on CV270 Plus
  • 1h 10min on CV300 Plus
  • 2h on CV470 Plus

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